Named after the constellation Columba which means “the dove” in Latin, Dove is a happy and adventurous puppy. She doesn’t let anything keep her back and loves new adventures. While we love Dove dearly, we believe she needs to have a home with someone who can give her the attention she so rightfully deserves.

Dove was born with anophthalmia (no eyes) and a little bit smaller than her siblings. We wanted to ensure she was fully healthy so we had our Vet look at her but so far she has shown no other signs of health problems. 

Dove is an outgoing puppy that likes exploring new places and meeting new people. She learns to “mentally map” familiar areas quickly and also knows how to explore new areas with some help from her “seeing eye person”. 

When she was only a few weeks old and we were first finding out that she was blind most people that met her thought that she might need some special treatment from a loving family. Originally we agreed, but the more we’ve gotten to know her the more we believe the best thing for her is a family that wants to take on life with the same enthusiasm and tenacity that she has.

She gets along with gentle dogs that don’t try to run her over and loves playing with them. Some of our silkens have learned that she doesn’t run as much as our other dogs so they play more with her in small areas. 

She really is a darling, and enchants everyone she meets. We kept her longer than other puppies intentionally to ensure she is healthy and trusts people to lead her. This means that as a result she is fully potty trained, can sleep through the night, can travel in cars, and can be crated for trips away from the house.

We want her stay in the local area so that we can support her new family if needed so we would like her new family to be located close-ish to Seattle.  Also, we love her and would like to see her as she grows up.  She currently has only lived with other dogs and while it might benefit her to have another dog that she could get through life with, she does go to work with Nic in an office setting by herself and is perfectly happy sleeping under the desk by herself for most of the day. We could see her in a home with a small number of dogs or even a home that has no other dogs and is willing to dedicate the time to her. 

Her exercise needs are a bit lower than most silkens as she doesn’t run flat out like sighted dogs do, however this does mean that it will be crucial that she gets exercise to build her muscles. Lots of walks, jogs through open fields with people, and new experiences with smells and sounds will help her develop and become strong and maintain her confidence. 

As she ages, she will likely want more routine and familiarity in her life. We want to ensure that any prospective new family for her has that in mind as she ages. A good mix of exploration and expanding her world, with routine and familiarity at home that she can return to and feel safe and secure in would be an ideal mix for her.

If you have any questions about her or just would like to meet her, feel free to contact us on our Contact Page or clicking the link here.