Silken Windhound


  • Multiple person administration
  • Oversight by other authorized accounts
  • More user transparency
  • Integrated online payments
  • Autofill for much of the data
  • Ability to add custom data to the database
  • Constant backups


This page will give an overview of what our software already does and some of the planned features we want to introduce going forward.  Hopefully all your questions and concerns about the software are answered on this page but feel free to ask questions if it doesn’t.

Creating our own software not only gives us much more control over our current process, it can also allow us to introduce new features that we hope people will be excited to use into the future encouraging registration with ISWS even after AKC approval.  Future plans can include show entries using the dog database for entries, breeding tools such as color calculator integration or DNA checking simply by selecting two dogs.  Improved pedigrees with more information.  Possibly even reports and summaries of the breed as a whole.


Using the power of WordPress means our software is made for multiple users to be accessing data right out of the box. You can have as many or as few users as you'd like.

Improved Workflow

Each user has their own page that shows their open registrations and gives them visibility into where their registrations are in the process. This also allows oversight from authorized individuals as well.


Each registration has comments built into it both from the registration team as well as the person who has submitted the registration. This not only keeps the data in a secure location but also keeps it attached to the registration for future reference.

Ease of Data Entry

Because the database is tied to the website directly, when the user inputs their data into the registry form, they are effectively doing the job of data entry.  This eliminates user errors when transposing data from hand written or typed PDF forms into database software.  The registrar simply has to verify that the data is correct and then can do the work of creating certificates and printing/mailing them to the individual.  

In the future we want to have the website create the registration certificates as well so that the only steps would be printing and mailing.

The above video shows part of the litter registration process. Selecting the sire/dam is as simple as searching for their registered name.  Only male dogs appear in the sire search and female for the dam.

Benefits of having a “My Registrations” page

Each user having a page where they can see their registrations not only gives them instant feedback that the registration is in the system, but also allows them to track the progress of the registrations as they move through the process.

After a registration is complete, it remains in the users registrations as well for easy reference in the future.  All comments on a registration are also kept attached at all times.

Thinking Forward

One thing we would like to do in the future is allow people to edit minor parts of their dogs registrations once they are approved.  Data approved by the BoD may be allowed to be changed by the end user such as Microchip number, Callname, etc.

We would love to enable people to updated things like their UKC number or Health/Death status on registrations after they have been submitted.  We plan to have a “review” process where the registration team verifies the information is correct and allows the change into the database.  This would allow ISWS to keep control of all information that’s in the database at all times while still making it easier to update by users.

Showcasing Each Dog

A benefit of our online registration database is that each dog is effectively given their own page.

Online Regisry

As you can see in the images to the right, each dog has their own page with information shown.  It will be able to be configured to show only the information we wish to show.

Theoretically it could even be configured to show certain data to non ISWS members and show more information to those who are active members.

DNA Integration

Keen eyes may notice that some of the screenshots show the dogs DNA results from VGL as we have figured a way to quickly import all VGL data.  This should make it easy for registrars to validate that both the sire and dam have DNA on file.  It could also be useful to know about prospective dogs that you look up in the registry.

For the Future

Future Features

  • In Depth Logging
  • User uploading of pictures (admin approved)
  • Pedigree highlighting of duplicate dogs
  • New Pedigree design is in the works that allows more generations and can be pan/zoomed
  • Reports for things like “how many offspring” for a given dog, how many litters for a dam etc.
  • Registration overview reports to be mailed out
  • And more…

We would like to add new features over time that continue to provide more insight into the breed as well as provide quick oversight to the board. New tools to allow people to report deaths and health issues so that information can be tracked with the dogs. Reports to show dogs that may already be frequently used or areas where diversity can be gained by breeding with a line that isn’t used as much.

Reporting tools with how many registrations have come in over a certain period of time and how many open registrations that are open for a quick summary of the the state of the registration process.

Image of DNA verifcation in the current version of the software

Data Backup

The registration data is important. That’s why we will export constant backups that can be rolled back to if needed. Along with WordPress automatically being backed up, this provides a backup solution that means the data is safe and secure at all times.

Backup and Export

Constant backups will be made both on the website and offsite.