Winsome Silken Windhounds started in 2008 with the purchase of my first Silken. It is now home to 6 wonderful, loving characters with huge hearts, a love of life, and athleticism that never ceases to amaze and entertain. Each one puts their own unique spin on the typical Silken attributes - grace, beauty, and gentleness one minute - energetic play erupting in to an explosive run the next.  

We are located on 5 acres in the Pacific Northwest about an hour north of Seattle, Washington. The Silkens share the house with me and four special cats. Outside they live in concert with several miniature horses and pass a lot of time in the summer watching foals play and wishing they could run with them.  

I lived for two years with only one Silken, Allagante Gucci. Luckily Gucci grew up with a visiting Irish Terrier. It wasn't long before he grew in to a graceful, well-coordinated adult and regularly proved he could out run all his friends. Gucci loved to prove that, but he'd always trot back as if to say "Why didn't you run with me". That was when I decided he needed a Silken companion. I had been hooked. It is pure enjoyment to watch Gucci adjust his speed to a puppy, or a breed without the leg and body type to keep up. 
But there is nothing to compare to Silkens enjoying playtime with their own breed.  
The name "Winsome" dates back to the 70s and 80s when I bred Shetland Sheepdogs and showed extensively in conformation, obedience, tracking and herding. In the early 80s I discovered my first miniature horses at a local fair. Miniature horses became my new hobby and Winsome, etc. Miniature Horses has existed ever since. The "etc" part was because the Shelties were still my main love....the horses being the add on. 

As you can see, now Silkens have snuggled and raced their way into my heart....totally, and the horses are still my "etc".   You will also notice there are some "etc" Silkens on my site.  Iola Stetson and I met several years ago thanks to the miniature horses.  Our Silkens have played together, many have grown up sharing both our homes, so they are all truly extended family.   We share this site because our Silkens prefer to think they are one big happy family.  Honestly, we also share this site because I am technically challenged, and Iola keeps this site current and looking good!  Thanks Iola. 

I hope you enjoy meeting Gucci and the beautiful Silkens of Winsome.  


Since Gucci allowed me to start adding more Silkens to our lives, I've been lucky to purchase and breed some beautiful and winning Silkens.  Since 2012 Iola and I have finished 10 Silkens to their ISWS Championships.  I am proud to say that every intact adult at Winsome is an ISWS Champion. We own 2 Dual Champions and 3 of our younger dogs are well on their way to that title.  Many thanks to Allagante, Elessar, Morgandell, Cool Run and Kumbaya for letting us own one of your very special Silkens!