Allagante Hot Tamale  FCH "Tootsie" Multiple BIS, Multiple RBIS, Multiple Group 1
2012 BISS Silkenfest
#5 Silken Windhound in UKC in 2011  and  #1 in 2012
2016 SilkenFest - AOM, Best Veteran, Brood Bitch and she is the dam of the BISS winner 2016,
ISWS CH Winsome's Zenyatta at Attaway.  Way to honor your mom "Zee".  You and your owners, Melissa Pearce and Iola Stetson, are very proud.   Wonderful job Melissa!  Zee is multi-talented.  She was also 2nd in lure coursing at SilkenFest 2016. 

"Tootsie" took over Winsome upon her arrival in January of 2011. She always knew she was the queen at Allagante even if the other dogs didn't always agree. Tootsie is an opportunist and the minute she arrived she politely expressed her wishes to Gucci and Breezy. They worshipped her from day one, and gave her all the welcome deserving of a special Silken.

She's a very happy soul, loves to run and play, and fit in right away with Gucci and Breezy. A wiggly, snuggly type she's upside down waiting for belly rubs the minute I, or anyone else, sits down in a chair, or if some guest dares to stay in bed in the morning. Her dark eyes are somewhere between "please" and "you'd better" and everyone always gives in. Anything chewie is a high priority for Tootsie. And I do mean "high". She always takes them to the top of a sofa, bed, crate, anything that gets her out of reach.

And does she ever love to run. She's a bird chaser extraordinaire and sits starring at the sky for very long periods of time. A little bitch with a lot of heart when it comes to the lure. In our tough PNW competition Tootsie finished her FCH with well over the 100 points needed.  She finally got that one big win.  She seems to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to. That includes barking at nothing despite my objection.

She's also proven to be a wonderful show dog. Judges have rewarded her correct profile, her long, fluid movement, and that "look at me" attitude. I feel very lucky to be on the end of the lead of a little bitch that loves to be found.

When she first came to live with me, I was impatient to get in the ring with a Silken. It was only a few weeks into our "bonding" time that Tootsie and I grabbed a plane to California. There was a group of 7 NAKC shows - a chance to meet Silken breeders and participate. Paul and Karen Sanders had already shown Tootsie to that coveted ISWS major when she was just a puppy. I guess you could say that shows 1,2 and 3 were our test runs. We weaved down and back, tripped over each other going around, we battled to properly stack, and all-in-all entertained everyone watching.

 Show 4 Tootsie decided to start howling in the line up. I guess she had decided to announce herself.

She is a take-charge kind of gal. She went WB and BOW for 4 pts. Show 5 she was again WB and BOS for 3 points. And in show 7 she was WB, BOW, BOB and BIS. Tootsie came home an ISWS Champion, and a BIS winner, and we had figured out how to be a team. That was February of 2011. Since that time, Tootsie has become an amazing show dog. Here's a summary of her major accomplishments.

         Finished ISWS Ch  - February NAKC Show - 1st BIS
Finished NAKC Int Ch  - July  NAKC Show​
First Silken to achieve a UKC Ch - July UKC Shows
Finished IABCA Int Ch and awarded All Breed BIS - August IABCA Show 
Ended 2011 with 2 All Breed BIS, 1 RBIS, 9 BOBs
#5 Silken in UKC 2011

Finished UKC Grand Championship 
BISS SilkenFest 2012  - Also won Brood Bitch and Brace
    Placed 3rd in the ASFA Field Trial at SilkenFest
Ended 2012​ with BISS - 1 All Breed BIS, 4 All Breed RBIS, 12 BOB
Achieved her UKC GRCH 
#1 Silken in UKC 
AOM at SilkenFest 2013
Placed 2nd in the ASFA Field Trial at SilkenFest 
Placed 3rd in the ASFA Field Trial at SilkenFest
Tootsie made an appearance at BooFest.  She was BOSS and Best Veteran at both shows, Bench Champion in the ASFA trial and her son TJ went BISS.  What a gal!
Tootsie's Details
Sire: ISWS Ch WindDancer Tocho Allagante
Dam: Kristull Undeniably Simone
DOB: April 2, 2008
Health: CEA and MDR1 Clear
Height: 20.5"

Tootsie and Karen Sanders  -  WB for her ISWS specialty major.
Tootsie with her breeders, Paul and Karen Sanders, Allagante Silkens and the 2012 BISS ribbon.
Nov. 25, 2012 - Patty finishing her ISWS and UKC Championship. Domino and Candy finishing their UKC Championships.
Tootsie had 2 litters in 2011 (the first for Allagante and the 2nd for Winsome).  Both those litters have produced ISWS and performance champions.  Her latest litter (2014) is starting to hit the ring in a big way.  Enjoy pictures of her offspring on the Past Litters pages.  She's certainly made her mark on the breed and had a ball doing it!   
Allagante Winsome Riviera - Winners Dog at Silken Celebration 2012 to finish his ISWS Championship..
Pictured below are a few of her accomplished pups.  To date she has produced 8 UKC Ch, 6 ISWS CH and 5 UKC GRCH.  Two are titled in ASFA, and 1 in LGRA and NOTRA.  One altered boy has just become the first Silken to achieve a UKC ALGRCH (Altered Grand Champion).  She has  a daughter with many titles in Obedience, Rally and Agility.  Her last litter is just now starting their showing and racing careers.  One from her last litter is an ISWS Ch and UKC GRCH and another one has his ISWS major already. As of SilkenFest 2016  she is now the dam of a BISS SilkenFest winner.  We're blown away by our Tootsie's kids!  What an amazing producer.