The "Breeder's Cup Champions" Litter
BORN: Feb. 24, 2014  |   All CEA Clear,   MDR1 Pending

The Breeder's  Cup is Thoroughbred racing's most prestigious event. It brings the finest horses to America from places like Europe and Dubai.  Breeder's Cup Champions have captured fan's imagination, and earned  eternal respect. The 2-day, 14-race event is the $5 million culmination of the horse racing season worldwide and the defining event of the international racing world. 
We are pleased to name this litter after some of the world's best equine athletes.

Allagante Hot Tamale FCH
# 1 Silken in UKC in 2012,  BISS SilkenFest 2012

 Lagniappe Ti'Cayenne Cool Run "Tiki"
Winsome's In The Wings
MDR1 Carrier/CEA Clear
UKC CH Winsome Broadway's Goldikova
MDR1 Carrier/CEA Clear
ISWS Ch. Winsome's Zenyatta - BISS SilkenFest 2016
 MDR1 Carrier/CEA Clear
​Winsome's Arazi of Cool Run
MDR1 and CEA Clear

I'm glad I retained TJ from this litter, but his littermates all went to show homes too.  They've all started very strong!   TJ, and Zenyatta are already ISWS Champions, TJ with a BISS at NW Fest 2015.  Zenyatta finished in a big way going WB, BOW and all the way to BISS at SilkenFest 2016. Arazi already has his ISWS specialty win.   It's very rewarding to have such a wonderful litter, a testament to both sire and dam.  These pups are making a mark in the ring and on the field. 


         TJ at just under a year old
        TJ's great expression at 10 weeks
               ISWS CH., UKC GRCH                          Winsome's Tiz Now
              MDR1 Carrier/CEA  Clear
         Dash at 3 1/2 months 
                 Dash enjoying his new life in Texas...
                            8  weeks 
 3 1/2 months at her new home.
                      10 1/2 weeks
                         Zenyatta at 1 year
                           3 1/2 months  
            8 weeks
I always felt this breeding would be a click.  Even at birth the pups were very uniform and remained that way.  The two girls weighed within an ounce of each other right up until they left for their new homes - same amount of substance, femininity and very similar structure. Two of the boys were  easily confused  for several weeks as they were so similar in type, color, movement, carriage, and expression.  Several breeders evaluated the litter and most picked differently, thanks to everyone admiring and wanting different strengths.  It seems they are all remaining beautiful examples of Silkens and all love the lure, the ring and are making their owners very proud.   
TJ swept his Novice Puppy class in all 4 shows at the NWSWS UKC show in August.  He went on to one BPIS.  Yeah TJ!  Nice way to start. 
Dash went BOS Jr. Puppy in Sweeps and BOS Puppy in the Regular Classes at the Lone Star Classic 2014.  At SF 2016 Dash was 3rd in a quite competitive class.  Nice job Tara and Dash. 
Arazi went RWD and Best Puppy at the East Coast Specialty in October 2014.  Nice way to start his show career.  Congrats Arazi and Gloria.  Since that time Arazi has achieved his ISWS specialty major.  So now, it's just off the shows to accumulate those points.  He and Gloria will get it done no doubt. 
TJ's  next set of UKC shows with 3 puppies in his class, he again swept the class, went on to Best Male and became UKC Ch Winsome's TizNow.   He finished his GRCH in style in early 2015.    
So very proud, as are Tiki and Tootsie.    TJ went RWB under both judges at NW Fest 2015.  At BooFest 2015 TJ went WD, BOW and on to BISS to finish his ISWS Championship.  
                        Dash at one year.
                   Goldy at one year.
Goldy is now UKC Ch Winsome's Broadway Goldikova.  Good girls Tina and Goldy!
Zee had a big win at the UKC shows in conjunction with the Lone Star Classic in May 2015.  She went BF, BOW for her non-ISWS major.  Nice win Melissa and Zee!   Zee and her owner, Melissa Pearce of Attaway Silkens, attended SilkenFest 2016.  What a show that was!  Zee went WB, and then on to BOW and BISS.  Unbelievable to be able to say that now SF BISS wins have gone to both her dam and this lovely young lady.  The day after the show Zee lure coursed to a second place in the Open Stake.  An incredible weekend!