The "Cowboys & Cowgirls" Litter 
3 Boys, 3 Girls
BORN: Nov. 12, 2015  |   All CEA & MDR1 Clear 

Dina's "Dina-saurs" aka, puppies, are pictured here at 6 weeks old. They've been practicing stacking on the table so they will be ready for some nice profile shots instead of just candids next week.  All the pups in this litter are in their new homes.  Sad to see them leave because I was enjoying watching them all growing up so beautifully.  All found great show homes and I wish every owner huge success with them. 

Cool Run Winsome Blondine  "Dina"
Kumbaya Moon Tide Effect " Moon"
The Three Boys: Sugarfoot, The Sky King,  and The Sundance Kid
The Three Girls: Annie Oakley, Calamity Jane, and Miss Kitty
A look back at the 10 day old feeding frenzy
Gold Brindle Boy

Irish marked Gold Boy
Gold spotted on white Boy
Silver/ fawn spotted girl
Dark Silver/ fawn spotted girl
Irish marked Red sable girl