Book a time to chat with us using the following form. You should receive an automatic email from us with our contact info in it. Feel free to text the phone number in the email with any questions you might have, or chat with us in the Discord chat on our contact us page.

Pick an available time slot on the calendar:

Unfortunately we do not always have public times available to chat with us privately on the phone due to time availability, so if you see the message "No time slots currently available" it means we don't have any open time slots currently. We are usually accessible almost immediately through our discord server which you can find here: Discord

We book an hour but there is no set amount of time it will take. We can simply answer some questions or other times it's more involved and we take the entire hour. Think of it not like an appointment, but just a time that both parties can agree on to sit down and chat.

After you book a timeslot, you will be emailed our information in order to contact us. Please check your email, it should appear within a few minutes. If you don't see it, check your spam email, and if you still don't see it you can contact us on the discord on this page to get the information: Contact Us