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Phi from the Chaser x Drifter litter Photo credit: Savvy T

Update on Puppies

We just wanted to post a little update about our puppies. They are all doing great and the first litter have all found their prospective homes and moved out of the house! We have prospective homes for all of the puppies we still have currently, so that’s great news for the puppies but unfortunately it means we haven’t got any puppies available to place right now. We have a backlog of people we need to get back to that have contacted us and we will probably do that after the Chaser litter is also out of the house and we have our heads above water again (2 or 3 weeks from now).

The best way to contact us right now is still through Discord and if you are interested in getting a litter from us at sometime in the future, please fill out the application as that system has really been working well for us so far. We will get back to you eventually and I’m sorry if you’ve sent us an application and haven’t heard back recently, we’ve just been busy with the puppies and the existing people that have contacted us.

If you want to come visit puppies, you’re welcome to contact us (usually in the Discord) and see if we have time available (even if we haven’t had a chance to chat with you more formally on the phone). We had some friends over on the weekend and the weather cooperated and many pictures were taken. Savvy T got a great picture of Phi that I wanted to share, so that’s the header image of this post, thank you Savvy!