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Hestu, puppies sleeping

Breath of the Wild Litter Stack Photos – Week 5.5

When the puppies were five and a half weeks old we brought them outside and attempted to get some stack photos of them.  It was great practice for them and for us.

Kass - Week 5.5

They did pretty well for how young they still are and we seized the opportunity to get some “headshots” of them in the flowers and trees. We will continue to get more stack photos as they age towards 8 weeks. 

They are all beginning to show their personalities and it’s funny to see them learning with every new sight, sound, and smell.  We took them all on a car ride for an adventure and it went spectacularly well.  It wasn’t their first car ride, but they are really starting to get the hang of riding in the car. We took a video and you can see it at the bottom of the page.

Urbosa - Week 5.5

You can see more photos of the puppies and their stack photos on their litter page here, but I’ve attached the stack photos for easy comparison.